The Construction Cost Savings

VERTIKAAL’S advanced digital technologies quickly configure designs for mid and high rise buildings, integrating green/smart technologies and validating financial feasibility.

Use of Tunnel-Form

For projects over four stories tunnel-form, concrete superstructures are cost savings. Per day 3000 sq.ft of finished walls and floors can be poured, electrical boxes are embedded in the walls, and all that is needed is paint.

Modular Prefabrication

VERTIKAAL software starts Value Engineering of a project by replacing traditional work methods with modular and prefabrication. Fully finished prefabricated bathroom pods with kitchen plumbing/electrical and mechanical systems (placed on racks) are inserted in the cast-in-place units, substantially reducing trades in the field. Interior and firewalls, fire suppression and plumbing/electrical connections are left to be done manually.

Prefab Facades

The building can be finished with prefabricated facades, stairs, and elevators.

Integrated Project Delivery

The entire process from design to finish is supported by our software which communicates assemblies, quantities of material and labor directly to the contractor resulting in cost savings:

  • The Design-Build Method is cost-effective and according to the Design-Build Institute studies saves, compared to Design-Bid-Build, 6% – 10% of Construction
  • Tunnel form Concrete Super Structure cost 10% to 15%  less than traditional concrete post and post-tension slab construction
  • Advanced project management, logistics, digital inventory & scheduling
  • Reduced change orders, punch lists repairs and construction waste
  • An MIT study confirmed that the use of modular prefab reduces construction time, which results in 1) Lower  construction financing cost, bonding and insurance 2)  earlier occupancy  3) prevents legislation

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