Apartment Buildings

VERTIKAAL consults on the implementation of Tunnel-Form Concrete Super Structures with pre-fabricated Building Components and Facades. The Company's pre-designed buildings can be adapted to a variety of sites. Our BIM integrated Cost-Estimation allows for rapid evaluation of your targeted financial projections.


Today we focus mainly on the Caribbean Hotel/Resort Industry since this is the region where the biggest savings from building with Tunnel-Form Concrete Construction & Prefab Building Components can be achieved. Our BIM driven logistics organizing the supply and shipping of building components will lead to a lean construction with a lower footprint on the delicate natural resources of the Caribbean.

Of course, our methodology can also be applied to hotels or resorts in any other part of the world. Our automated digital processes can be applied anywhere.


Dormitories are a prime building type where VERTIKAAL's technology and expertise in energy efficiency can lead to innovative buildings. 

Our role in the Project

As a member of the Design-Build Team VERTIKAAL integrates BIM and Cost Estimating into a powerful Database used to optimize Value-Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Lean-Construction and Digital Logistics.  

Our Compensation

The compensation of our services is part of the A&E allowance of the Project and will be billed according to the format of the Design-Build Institute.