Green Balconies, a new Urban Trend?

The hugely popular ‘Bosco Verticale’ Highrise, by Milan Architect Stefano Biori, exemplifies how well, we humans, enjoy being close to living greens. It makes most of us peaceful, calm and energized.

The Green Urban Dweller


More and more Urban Dwellers are looking at Greening their Balconies and are looking at Rooftop Farms to grow their vegetables. The idea to green the urban landscape is catching on. Greenhouses on top of buildings make year around growing possible, create community and or can be operated for profit.  Imagine friends chat and sip their drink at their rooftop greenhouse.


Vertical farming, wall gardens and even walls in apartment courtyards where you can ‘shop’ for the evening stew’s herbs are becoming desirable amenities in today’s real estate market.

The Bosco Verticale project with its press visibility and awards have given impetus to the design and development industry to implement larger green objects (trees) in newly designed Real Estate projects.

Concrete Construction makes ‘Greening’ a building Easy


In today’s Urban Construction we see a lot of mid-rise apartments made with wood and metal frames. Creating large balconies, which can handle extensive planting, is quite expensive with these building methods.

New construction techniques have brought the price of concrete mid-rise building down to a price competitive to 5 story wood/metal frames built on a two story concrete podium. With a concrete building frame, large balconies are a possibility.

One of the frontrunners in Green Concrete Apartment buildings is design-build consultant VERTIKAAL. With roots in modular and pre-fabrications and with well-known industry partners, it is launching new types of apartment design fit for the New Green Urban Dweller.

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