Green and Smart

Living in a Vertical Village

Let us take a look at living in VERTIKAAL’S Vertical  Village. It means living in a building that has every smart technology available in energy efficiency,  solar, water use/ recycling, and cooling/ heating units that do the job without enormous cost.


It also means living in a Non-toxic environment without the noise that a wood or metal framed building creates, and the opportunity to grow vegetables on your balcony.

Smart Energy

An example of Smart Energy is a computer preventing electrical overload by stopping the dryer when the microwave is being used and turning the dryer back on when the microwave is done.

Green Roofs and Balconies

Green in a building like the Vertical Village deals with landscaping, choice of plant materials and watering systems. For example using desert plants and trees in desert settings, and installing drip systems that allow trees and shrubs to flourish. Green often also implies the use of native plants and trees.


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