Tunnel Formed Concrete Apartment Building in SF

8-9 story Concrete vs. Engineered Wood

“This should be of interest to many Developers, who build 5 stories wood over a 2 story platform” Quote from a Silicon Valley Real Estate Broker dealing in land.

Why?  Well, the result is more units, more income, and higher value!

And …the price is right as the construction cost of Tunnel-Form Concrete with Pre-Fabricated Modular Components is comparable with Engineered Wood over Concrete.

In most cities, Urban Infill has a height restriction of 85 ft or 75 ft from street level for the highest livable floor. Five stories wood/2 concrete often stays under this height restriction.  Depending on the ceiling height of the proposed units concrete construction can add one or even two stories.

There are more advantages to building with concrete:

  • The Super Structure, after it has been built, is NON-toxic,
  • NO obnoxious noise from neighbors
  • With tunnel-forms, it is easy and cost-effective to add balconies
  • Gardens and trees can grow on every level
  • Today’s advanced concrete has a long life cycle
  • Upcycling is easy as bathrooms/façade elements/MEP racks can be replaced with the use of a crane instead of an array of trades.
  • The walls can be poured with “block-outs”, segments that can be taken out to convert, for example, two studio apartments into a larger apartment.

Now with VERTIKAAL’ s technologies, you can explore this option

We can shorten Construction Time, reduce Cost-Overruns and Pick-Up work to almost nothing.


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