Modular Construction

Modular fabrication of homes and small buildings has been around for awhile.  Modular components took a flight in Europe and are now conquering the USA.



Companies like Old Castle-Modular/Ameripod and Pivotek are manufacturing bathroom pods, kitchen/closet pods, and mechanical racks.

Prefab Elevators


Even elevators, prefabricated with firewalls, can be installed within a day

Prefab Facades


A variety of modular façade systems is entering the market. A good example is STO panels which are produced and distributed by a network of manufacturers and distributors.


To be a cost effective shipment of components has to stay within a 250-mile radius from the factory and should not exceed a width of 8 feet.

Cost Effective

Modular components are excellent for concrete buildings, shorten construction time, and basically eliminate pick up work and overruns.

Computer controlled logistics make sure that deliveries are scheduled to arrive just in time for installation, preventing damage and unnecessary storage.


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