What is an InterActive Building System?

“I welcome the opportunity for my company’s designs to be reproduced in the USA”, Quote from  Arjen de Jong, Principal of de Jong Architekten in the Netherlands

Arjen is one of the Architects creating the designs of the Inter-Active Building Systems used by VERTIKAAL.

An Inter-Active Building System Design, for example for an Apartment Building, consists of a large array of apartment units, stair and elevator options, facade and balcony solutions, and a vast choice of color, finishes, and detailing, which can be interconnected to unlimited design choices.

A royalty agreement between the Architect and VERTIKAAL secures the right to reproduce parts or a complete building once or multiple times.

VERTIKAAL maintains an extensive Library of these inter-connectable building elements and specialized software which connects BIM data to the designs.



The VERTIKAAL Software aids in calculating quantities of materials and cost for each of these elements (Material & Labor) so once a building is formed in the software, a cost estimation is immediately available. Changes to the building design update the costs.




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