Do you provide Architectural Services?

No,  VERTIKAAL commissions Architects to design buildings and turn these into Pre-designed Building Components, geared to take full advantage of Tunnel-Form Construction and Modular Pre-Fabrication. The Architects design these Building Components in such manner that they are adaptable to a large variety of sites and finish materials.

We call these Building Components Inter-Active Building Systems. VERTIKAAL holds the reproduction rights to these designs.

A specialized Local Architect is brought into the design-build team to handle all Architectural work.


What is an Inter-Active Building System?

An Inter-Active Building System is a database of Building Components. For Apartment buildings, these Inter-Active Building Systems are designed to be adaptable to a variety of sites and offer a large selection of Units, Facades, and Balcony types. Often parking solutions are included.

These Building Components are geared for use of Tunnel-form construction, to be finished with pre-fabricated bathroom/kitchen pods, facades, and mechanical racks.


How does the Software Work?

The software is a BIM driven application that connects the individual Building Components of an Inter-Active Design, and simultaneously calculates the amount of material and labor, which are embedded in the Components.

This makes it possible to get an instant cost estimate of all Design options.


What is Digital Construction?

Digital Construction is slowly entering the Construction Industry. The cornerstone of it is BIM modeling of buildings and construction elements in such manner that cost, installation, fabrication and transportation data, are embedded into the BIM model.

For example, a bathroom pod is made in the factory using the BIM model, next the digital system scans the pod, it verifies the connections’  line up with those in the building and it monitors the pod’s transportation.

Just in time delivery, accurate usage of cranes, labor, and materials all expedite construction. Now apply this to all construction aspects and cost savings start adding up substantially.

McKinsey Consulting estimates the implementation of Digital Construction to cause a 38% savings, which in the USA alone would result in a half Trillion savings per year.


Can we only implement part of the Digital Construction Options?

Yes, VERTIKAAL can work on several levels of implementation of Digital Construction. When a Contractor is not yet ready to embrace digital construction fully,  hybrid solutions that connect to older methods of working are offered by VERTIKAAL.


Do you only work with Tunnel-Form Concrete?

As Tunnel-Form Concrete is perfectly suited for Prefabricated Modules and Digital Construction, it has our preference. It is also the most cost-effective way to build a concrete superstructure. However for certain uses of a Building the Tunnel form does not work, that is when  Post tension is a better way. We are able to shift to that kind of construction.

A tunnel form concrete superstructure is cost effective as the walls between the apartments and the ceilings/floors are poured at the same time, only needing a skim coat to be ready for painting.


How does your construction cost compare to traditional methods?

This gets interesting. There are substantial savings when a project is built with tunnel forms, makes full use of digital construction, and prefabricated modules.

We have been looking at Urban projects that are  5 stories engineered wood or metal frame on top of  2 story concrete podium, which often do not reach the allowed height. To make full use of the height a concrete building with a total of 9 stories could be built. The cost per sq.ft is comparable, and the advantages are many:

  • A study showed that potential tenants/buyers prefer Concrete over Wood as they are of the opinion that concrete is stronger and will last longer.
  • A concrete building helps eliminate neighbor complaints about noise etc.
  • After the building is up it is NON-toxic
  • Balconies can be poured at the same time as the units, and they can be cantilevered out. A feature appreciated by occupants.
  • In a concrete building, landscaping can be installed on all levels.
  • A concrete building has a longer lifecycle and requires less maintenance