The Advantage of Tunnel-Form over Post-Tension Construction

Tunnel-formed Concrete Buildings have a concrete frame where the walls and structural ceilings are poured at the same time. This building type is the most cost efficient way to build hotels, apartment buildings, dormitories and condo towers.

The difference between Post-Tension concrete construction and Tunnel-Form.



is built with columns and slabs reinforced with tension wires. After the slabs and the columns are poured the slab needs to be brought under tension before the formwork can be released.

The ‘Post-Tension’ floor plan only has columns and the Architects/Engineers use elevator shafts and emergency exit stairs enclosures to keep the building rigid. The open floor plan allows office tenants to adjust the space to their needs.  Post-Tension is frequently used for high-end apartment towers as well.



A Tunnel-formed Super Structure cost 10 to 15% less

With Tunnel-form Concrete Construction the walls and ceiling deck are poured at the same time, without the tension wires, expediting the construction process. This method is excellent for Hotel, Apartment and Dormitory construction.

A Tunnel-formed Super Structure is about  10% to 15%  less costly to build compared to a Post-Tension frame.

Add Modular and Pre-Fab and you have a Winner!

Modular and Prefab are on the rise and known to slash costs of construction.  Today’s smart Developer is looking at new technologies.

Design-Build consultant VERTIKAAL is geared at combining Tunnel-form with Modular Prefabrication. By implementing the latest Digital Construction techniques, it has developed a price competitive tunnel-formed alternative to a five-story wood/metal over a concrete podium.

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