Tunnel-formed Structures a perfect match for Modular PreFab

In a Tunnel-formed concrete hotel, apartment and senior living building, the walls and the ceiling are poured at the same time. The metal formwork has a high degree of precision and can be monitored and placed with the latest digital construction methods.

Quality is enhanced despite the speed of construction.  The precise steel face of the formwork creates a smooth, high-quality finish capable of directly receiving the finish wall paint (a partial skim coat may be required).  Electrical boxes and conduits can be installed prior to the walls being cast and sleeves for sewer, plumbing can be placed in the floors prior to the pour.


The accuracy of the metal formwork allows for insertion and attachment of modular prefabricated kitchen and bathroom pods, prefab mechanical elements, and prefab facades.




Laser and Drone Controlled Construction

We see more lasers and drones arriving on the job sites. Their function is primarily on site to verify that everything is built according to the BIM model. They also become the “guides” for the installation of prefabricated bathroom pods.


In the prefab factory lasers control the manufacturing and communicate with the lasers on the job site, ensuring that connections match. BIM driven logistics subsequently make sure that the modular prefab elements arrive at the right time for hook up.

Expedited Construction

The combination of tunnel-form and modular prefab creates a cost-efficient structure for use of a wide variety of applications, such as apartment buildings, condo mid and high-rise, student accommodations and hotels.


The VERTIKAAL Design-Build Consulting Team has assembled a large array of designs for mid-and high-rise tunnel-form buildings which can be adapted to a variety of sites. These designs are created by architects and engineers who are knowledgeable in prefab and tunnel-form construction.

With VERTIKAAL cost savings and expedited construction solutions, this building method is a price-compatible alternative to 5 stories engineered wood over a 2 story wood podium. With concrete construction 2 layer of units can be added while staying within the fire-safety envelope, resulting in more units, more income, and higher value.

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