Robotic Parking and Tunnel-form Concrete

Parking in cities like Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Los Angeles has been made easy with Robotic Parking. Cars are picked up by the Robot at the moment a car approaches a parking garage and taken to a place in the garage.  Tickets are issued by a computer.


No stress finding a place, No pollution, No safety issues

Except for the entry and exit, a Robotic Garage has no driveways, and height of the floors differentiates between Sedan vehicles and SUV’s,  increasing revenue generating space.

Robotic Parking Systems use an average of 50% less land area for the same amount of parking as compared to conventional concrete ramp style garages, or parks twice as many cars in the same amount of space as a conventional garage does.

Robotic Parking Garage does not have to be freestanding and is, therefore, a very good match with a Tunnel-formed concrete Super structure as

  • The Parking can become part of the core of the building,
  • The space between the walls will accommodate 2 to 3 cars,
  • Occupants of the building get their cars delivered by a Robot, which is comparable to Valet Parking.



Robotic Parking Systems add value to a project by:

  • Lowering development costs
  • Lowering overall operational costs: lighting, ventilation, insurances

More facts

  • Time to retrieve a car is minimal 1 minute and maximal  3 minutes.
  • Custom designs match peak traffic capacity of the facility.
  • In case of a computer crash or a power failure, the Server or Back up power takes over. Estimated time within 62 seconds.

The first fully Automated Parking Structure featuring Unitronix Automated Systems on the West Coast of the United States, 200 stalls over 5 levels located behind West Hollywood City Hall.

Design-build consultant VERTIKAAL specializes in tunnel-formed concrete apartment and hotel structures which can be fitted with the Unitronix parking robot.

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