Advantages of Design-Build

With a large part of all nationwide commercial projects being built with the “Design-Build” process, it has proven to be a smooth process, where team communications create better solutions and fewer problems and deliver a product in time.

Expedited Estimation

Traditionally the Cost Estimator traces a set of plans, which creates quantities and costs.

After the cost is challenged by the Developer, value engineering starts and with every design change the Cost Estimator performs the same actions until the price is right.

The cost of Value Engineering is pushed aside by VERTIKAAL Technologies.

VERTIKAAL’s Building Components produce material and labor quantities of the building design and when connected to a cost database auto-generate the cost estimation.

BIM and Digital Construction

VERTIKAAL delivers BIM  3D, 4D and 5D for Digital Construction, which has a positive impact on effectively managing and delivering a project on time, correcting mistakes made in the field and preventing schedule overruns and expensive change orders.

Virtual technologies – Robotics – 3D printing – Scanning enable building digitally before building on site and create the power to change the future of developments and the world we live in like never before.

Tunnel Form Concrete and PreFab


Today’s advanced technologies in building with concrete have made it cost effective,

and using tunnel forms brings the price down even more.  

Add pre-fabricated modular components and the construction time can be reduced by 10% - 15%.

Examples of Tunnelformed Structures Florida, West Coast, and Carribean