VERTIKAAL consults in building pre-designed modular concrete-formed apartments



VERTIKAAL’s Digital Innovations integrate BIM-driven Design with
BIM-driven Construction and Logistics.


VERTIKAAL's purpose is the elimination of Cost and Schedule overruns.


VERTIKAAL consults at all levels as a member of the Design-Build team.


It's All About Teamwork

VERTIKAAL's Technologies are based on three existing Building Methods:

Tunnel-Form Concrete

 Modular Prefabrication

BIM 3D Design


resulting in 

Reduced Costs

Expedited Design and Construction

Implementation of  Green & Smart Technology

Case Study


Convert 2 stories Podium + 5 Wood/Metal into 9 stories Concrete not exceeding
a max height of 85ft at competitive cost



9 story Concrete with Tunnel Forms

Integrated Parking

Modular  Prefab Bath/Kitchen Pods

Prefab Facade Elements

Prefab Mechanical Units